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Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program


Sponsor a family

Sponsor vulnerable families suffering from significant poverty, hunger and insecurity. By sponsoring a family, you will be able to provide necessary food and medicine as well as education opportunities for children.

$150 A MONTH


Sponsor a widow

Widows within Afghanistan face significant challenges. With restricted access to employment and their role in caregiving, many widowed women are unable to meet the essential needs of their children. By sponsoring a widow, you will alleviate the challenges faced by widows by providing them with food, medicine and vocational opportunities.

$100 A MONTH


Sponsor an orphan

Orphan children are amongst the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan. After years of war, insecurity and conflict many children lack shelter, food and necessities for survival. By sponsoring an orphan, you will give vulnerable children access to support and care.


Join our sponsorship program today

Offline Donations

Via Direct Deposit:

Cheque Society Account
Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 063 608

Account number: 1108 9116

Use the reference “Sponsorship” and your name.

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