Support Services

The Afghan Women's Organisation Victoria provides a wide range of support services to Afghan women and girls. Click here for a snapshot of our programs.

Our support services take a culturally and linguistically appropriate approach that effectively strengthens and empowers women and girls. Through a holistic lens our mission is to equip women and girls with resources and toolkits, provide culturally appropriate emotional and wellbeing support, bridge social, systemic and economic gaps faced by Afghan women and girls.

Our support services also include close collaboration, referral and partnership with key service providers within the sector to facilitate quality and efficacy in our services.

We provide both casework/specialised support services as well as community programs.


Material aid

We provide Afghan families with financial support, donation drives, material aid and referral to emergency services.


Community programs

We provide various community programs for Afghan women such as weekly information sessions on Australian laws, systems, trauma response, mental health, parenting, family violence, early marriage. We also run weekly community kitchens that foster awareness of safe food practices, health and wellbeing, self-care nutrition etc. 

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